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Corporate Social Responsibility

Employment Responsibility

There is no secret to success, it is the determination, the willingness and the drive to change the world. We at Cirrus Systems know our mission, vision and values are baseless without the support of our employees and we recognize that these members come from global communities we all come from. Globalization impacted our ideologies to explore the world and become a part of global community to share common goals of betterment, ethics, environment and multi culture acceptance. We at Cirrus recognize these principles and promote employment opportunities to individuals who come from various walks in life. We respect all cultures and strongly believe a happy employee paves way to a happy customer. We are proud to share, 10% of our employment comprise of individuals who are disabled and work remotely from home. These employees are as dear to our organization as the ones sitting next to us. Our vision necessitates to expand this percentage proportionately with our growth and expansion.

Workplace Equality

Being a Minority Owned Small Disadvantaged business, we believe Equality is a prime fundamental. All individuals in society deserve a fair chance to be a part of our family and contribute towards the values of our organization which in turn benefits our clients, our team, our communities and above all the world.

Economic Responsibility

We commenced in the midst of Covid-19, at a time no sector was spared and fell to the clutches of the pandemic. Our customers needed the vendors, the vendors needed the supplies, the suppliers needed manufacturers, and the manufacturers needed the ability to produce efficiently with resources that were not delivered timely. This led to a vicious circle giving rise to delays and stagnation. Our leadership identified this void and were determined to fill the gap. Although, it was well-known that starting a business now will be cost intensive and will require lots of man hours to source price competitive vendors and make timely deliveries, but driven by the mantra of Economic Responsibility the team stepped up their game and ultimately created happy customers. We are proud, to not only meet those requirements timely & winning customer satisfaction but during Covid we expanded our human resource by 20%. We continue to strive to be always engaged in continuous improvement to promote the model of an ideal economy we all yearn for.

Environment Responsibility

We are global citizens and the decisions we take today impact our environment. We at Cirrus strongly believe the environment is from us and we are from the environment. Environment resources are available in abundance and as its advocates we at Cirrus Systems keep a track of our decisions to ensure a positive impact on our environment to safeguard these resources. We endeavor offering our customers IT products which comply with EPEAT and ENERGY STAR ratings to help our customers meet their environment standards. We highly encourage virtual meetings which facilitates our stake holders to conduct meeting at the convenience of their offices or home. Our organization is flat structure so resources like printers, scanners, ink and paper can be shared. This helps foster green work environment eliminating carbon foot prints and save electricity from multiple electronic devices. Our work facility consists of motion detecting water taps which helps control the water flow and prevent wastage or leakages post usage. At Cirrus, sustainable (green) packaging and internal recycling are promoted. Waste segregation and its disposal is extremely vital. Lack of segregation, collection and transportation of unsegregated mixed waste to the landfills has an impact on the environment.

Ethical responsibility

Our belief, trustworthy companies are better at attracting business, talented employees and winning customer satisfaction. Ethics in our organization is not a priority it is a Value. We empower our employees, customers and stakeholders to freely express their concerns so necessary measures can be taken to solve their problem. Employees who choose to be quite due to harsh company pressure eventually develop stained ethics which leads to questionable performance. The blame evidentially falls on the leadership style, so we ensure a relax work environment where participation, views and opinions are encouraged. As a part of our recruitment process the newly hired undergo Employee Induction Policies 101 and as an integral part of the induction a detailed overview of our Cirrus Systems Ethical policy (Code of Business Conduct) is delivered as well. This helps foster an environment of ethical behavior in business. Text#22: We serve the government markets providing products and services to lead the federal agencies to next generation technologies. Our focus remains to establish stronger relationship with our supply chain which primarily includes industry’s leading technology manufacturers and distributors who allow our customers the privilege to procure first-class IT Hardware, Software and Solutions timely. We have over 30 years of combined experience in the technology space to offer turnkey solutions and produce customer centric results. See what our customers have to say…